156 Adorable Baby Girl Names That Will Steal Your Heart

Hey there, mama-to-be! Choosing the perfect name for your little one can be one of the most exciting and meaningful parts of preparing for her arrival. A name is not just a word; it carries the essence of identity, culture, and even aspirations you might have for your baby girl. If you're looking for something truly special, we've compiled a list of 156 unique and adorable baby girl names that are sure to steal your heart. Each name is accompanied by its meaning, adding an extra layer of significance to your choice. Let's dive in!

Baby Girl Names

1. Aaliyah

Meaning: Exalted, sublime

2. Abilene

Meaning: Grass, meadow

3. Adalyn

Meaning: Noble, kind

4. Adelie

Meaning: Noble, kind

5. Aeliana

Meaning: Sun

6. Aerilyn

Meaning: Beautiful air

7. Aisling

Meaning: Dream, vision

8. Alara

Meaning: Mythical water fairy

9. Amara

Meaning: Eternal

10. Amelie

Meaning: Hardworking

11. Anara

Meaning: Pomegranate flower

12. Anaya

Meaning: Caring, compassionate

13. Anina

Meaning: Grace

14. Aria

Meaning: Air, melody

15. Arianwen

Meaning: White, fair

16. Ashira

Meaning: Wealthy

17. Asmina

Meaning: Protector

18. Astrid

Meaning: Divinely beautiful

19. Aveline

Meaning: Hazelnut

20. Aviana

Meaning: Like a bird

21. Azura

Meaning: Sky blue

22. Beatrix

Meaning: Bringer of joy

23. Belinda

Meaning: Beautiful serpent

24. Bellamy

Meaning: Fine friend

25. Briony

Meaning: To sprout

26. Callista

Meaning: Most beautiful

27. Carys

Meaning: Love

28. Celeste

Meaning: Heavenly

29. Celine

Meaning: Moon

30. Cerelia

Meaning: Of the spring

31. Chara

Meaning: Joy

32. Clarissa

Meaning: Bright, clear

33. Coralie

Meaning: Coral

34. Cyra

Meaning: Sun or throne

35. Dahlia

Meaning: Flower

36. Danica

Meaning: Morning star

37. Dariela

Meaning: Beloved

38. Delphine

Meaning: Dolphin

39. Elara

Meaning: Shining

40. Elowen

Meaning: Elm tree

41. Elysia

Meaning: Blissful

42. Emmeline

Meaning: Hardworking

43. Esme

Meaning: Esteemed, loved

44. Estelle

Meaning: Star

45. Evangeline

Meaning: Good news

46. Faye

Meaning: Fairy

47. Felicity

Meaning: Happiness

48. Fiorella

Meaning: Little flower

49. Fleur

Meaning: Flower

50. Galina

Meaning: Calm, healer

51. Gemma

Meaning: Precious stone

52. Genevieve

Meaning: Tribe woman

53. Gisela

Meaning: Pledge

54. Gwyneth

Meaning: Blessed, fair

55. Hadley

Meaning: Heather field

56. Halina

Meaning: Light

57. Harper

Meaning: Harp player

58. Ianthe

Meaning: Purple flower

59. Imara

Meaning: Strong, resolute

60. Isabeau

Meaning: God is my oath

61. Isla

Meaning: Island

62. Isolde

Meaning: Ice ruler

63. Jessamine

Meaning: Jasmine flower

64. Juniper

Meaning: Juniper tree

65. Kaia

Meaning: Pure

66. Kalista

Meaning: Most beautiful

67. Kiera

Meaning: Dark-haired

68. Laila

Meaning: Night

69. Larissa

Meaning: Cheerful

70. Leilani

Meaning: Heavenly flower

71. Liana

Meaning: To climb like a vine

72. Lilith

Meaning: Night monster

73. Linnea

Meaning: Lime tree

74. Lorelei

Meaning: Alluring enchantress

75. Lorna

Meaning: Fox

76. Lyra

Meaning: Lyre (instrument)

77. Maeve

Meaning: She who intoxicates

78. Mairead

Meaning: Pearl

79. Marceline

Meaning: Little warrior

80. Marigold

Meaning: Golden flower

81. Marisol

Meaning: Sea and sun

82. Melina

Meaning: Honey

83. Mirabelle

Meaning: Wonderful

84. Mireille

Meaning: To admire

85. Myra

Meaning: Admirable

86. Niamh

Meaning: Bright, radiant

87. Noelle

Meaning: Christmas

88. Nova

Meaning: New

89. Nyla

Meaning: Winner, achiever

90. Odalys

Meaning: Wealth

91. Odette

Meaning: Wealthy

92. Ophelia

Meaning: Helper

93. Oriana

Meaning: Golden

94. Paloma

Meaning: Dove

95. Pandora

Meaning: All-gifted

96. Penelope

Meaning: Weaver

97. Petra

Meaning: Rock, stone

98. Phaedra

Meaning: Bright

99. Poppy

Meaning: Red flower

100. Priya

Meaning: Beloved

101. Quinn

Meaning: Wise

102. Rae

Meaning: Grace

103. Ravenna

Meaning: Raven

104. Renata

Meaning: Reborn

105. Romilly

Meaning: From the rosemary bush

106. Rosalie

Meaning: Rose

107. Rowena

Meaning: Fame joy

108. Sabina

Meaning: Sabine woman

109. Saffron

Meaning: Yellow flower

110. Sage

Meaning: Wise

111. Samara

Meaning: Guardian

112. Sapphira

Meaning: Sapphire

113. Seren

Meaning: Star

114. Seraphina

Meaning: Fiery

115. Shiloh

Meaning: Peace

116. Sienna

Meaning: Orange-red

117. Sigrid

Meaning: Victory, wisdom

118. Sloane

Meaning: Raider

119. Soraya

Meaning: Pleiades constellation

120. Stella

Meaning: Star

121. Sylvie

Meaning: From the forest

122. Tabitha

Meaning: Gazelle

123. Tahlia

Meaning: Dew from God

124. Tallulah

Meaning: Leaping water

125. Tamsin

Meaning: Twin

126. Thalia

Meaning: To flourish

127. Thea

Meaning: Goddess

128. Tova

Meaning: Good

129. Trixie

Meaning: Bringer of joy

130. Ulani

Meaning: Cheerful

131. Valencia

Meaning: Strength, valor

132. Valeria

Meaning: Strong, healthy

133. Veda

Meaning: Knowledge

134. Verity

Meaning: Truth

135. Vesper

Meaning: Evening star

136. Viola

Meaning: Violet

137. Viveca

Meaning: Alive

138. Willow

Meaning: Willow tree

139. Wren

Meaning: Small bird

140. Xanthe

Meaning: Golden, yellow

141. Xara

Meaning: Princess

142. Xenia

Meaning: Hospitality

143. Yara

Meaning: Small butterfly

144. Yasmin

Meaning: Jasmine flower

145. Yelena

Meaning: Light

146. Yesenia

Meaning: Floria

147. Yvette

Meaning: Yew tree

148. Zabrina

Meaning: River

149. Zara

Meaning: Princess

150. Zaria

Meaning: Flower

151. Zella

Meaning: One who knows the way

152. Zia

Meaning: Light, splendor

153. Zinnia

Meaning: Flower

154. Zoe

Meaning: Life

155. Zoelle

Meaning: Life

156. Zora

Meaning: Dawn

As you go through this exciting journey of selecting a name, remember to consider not only the sound and feel of the name but also its meaning and the personal connection you may have with it. We hope this list of these adorable baby girl names helps you find the perfect fit for your precious bundle of joy. Happy naming!

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