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We are Mama's Tales.

A collection of children's books, with themed products to bring each story to life.

We take an interactive and collaborative approach, working with industry experts and families.


The first book MY SHEA BABY written by  H.J. Osas~ Founder of Mama's Tales,  has been written in collaboration with educationalists,  teachers, local communities and industry experts.  

Growing up and loving to hear stories from her mother about West Africa,  Mama's Tales was created to further educate children and all it's readers through story telling, where different traditions, and cultures can be explored.

The aim of Mama's Tale collective, is to be an interactive platform and community.

To share a passion for both education and creativity through story telling.

The first book MY SHEA BABY comes with a tub of organic shea butter, direct from local communities in Ghana, natural products, nature and communities.

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Where does Shea Butter come from? 
 The first of its kind, where books for children are used to explore the origin of everyday products we love and find in jars.

This book enables both the reader and listener to explore the natural resources and traditions of Africa, in a modern world.  -H.J.OSAS


“I' have been using Shea Butter before but your Shea butter has definitely been the best  quality I've ever used. My daughters Afro curls has gone so soft and  growing healthy.”

Stephanie Samuels
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