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My Shea Bubba Book & Organic Shea Butter

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How do we get Shea butter all packed and ready in a Jar? Where does it come from?

This book alows for the reader and child to explore culture, processes and traditions of things we use in our every day modern Shea butter!

A story about a young girl who accidently stumbled across shea nuts right before her bed time.

This book is set in a fun subtle rhythmic tone, easy to follow and also can be very interactive when used with the Shea butter.

Its fun and makes a great bedtime story for children while passively learning and appreciating agriculture and the contribution of traditional cultures to a western society.

Comes with a free Shea butter tub direct from the local woman in Ghana, giving a memorable experience!!

Suitable for all ages...Yes we said all!! Guided reading for children who are still learning to read independantly...of course!

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